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DRIVERS - Only persons shown on the hire agreement form at the commencement of the hire are authorised to drive the vehicle. Under no circumstances may any other person drive the vehicle unless prior permission and clearance for insurance purposes has been obtained from LEC HIRE LIMITED. Additional drivers may be insured in advance at the cost of £5.00 per day or £25.00 per week.


DEPOSIT - £150 deposit is taken at commencement of the hire in addition to rental monies. This will be refunded after the hire providing the vehicle is returned in the same condition as at commencement, is fully refuelled and after any deductions for excess mileage or additional valeting required etc. For any of the reasons stated below. If the vehicle has not been returned full of fuel the cost to re-fuel the vehicle plus a service charge of £10.00 will be deducted from the deposit. If a combination of any of the above extra charges totals more than the deposit the hirer will be liable for this additional amount.


INSURANCE EXCESS - Our insurance excess is £250 (£500 if aged 21-24). Upon signing the rental agreement you (the hirer) are agreeing to be liable for this excess in respect to damages to our vehicle or any third party involved in an accident with our vehicle which is found to be the hirers fault. This liability is reduced to £100 (£200 if aged 21-24) upon payment of the Collision Damage Waiver of £5.00 per day/£25.00 per week. The collision damage waiver does NOT cover damage to the interior of the vehicle or incorrect fuelling. FUEL - Unless stated at commencement of hire, all vehicles are supplied full of diesel and should be returned full. A service charge of £10.00 will be charged in addition to the cost of fuel for any top-ups required. Any costs incurred due to incorrect fuelling by the customer are the responsibility of the hirer and will be charged on accordingly.


BREAKDOWN AND RECOVERY - All vehicles are covered by roadside assistance and recovery service. Appropriate card is in each vehicle.


ACCIDENTS - LEC Hire Limited must be notified as soon as possible in the event of any accident or damage to the vehicle and an accident report form must be completed. An accident report form is in the glove compartment of the vehicle and if safe to do so should ideally be completed at the point of the accident to gain details of all persons/vehicles involved. Failure to comply with this may mean that you will incur extra excess costs if we cannot provide a full report to our insurance company of the accident. If necessary, it is your responsibility to contact the police as soon as any accident occurs and follow normal procedures to report the incident. It would also be helpful if you could photograph any damage to the hire vehicle and/or a third party vehicle and make brief notes of how many people were in the vehicle at the time. There has been a marked rise in the number of scams' 

involving personal injury claims and obviously the more details we have of the incident at the time will help to prevent any exaggeration of events by the third party.


ITEMS/EVENTS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE - Any damage to the interior of the vehicle, wheels or tyres is the responsibility of the hirer. If the interior of the vehicle requires intense cleaning (ie staining to seats etc) this will be charged to the customer via a deduction from the deposit. This also includes any extra valeting required if it is found that a customer or passenger has been smoking in any vehicle. Smoking in our vehicles is illegal and extra charges will be made for valeting if this has occurred. It is the hirers' responsibility to ensure that any passengers in the vehicle do not smoke. Any damage to the rear doors of vans or the tail lift roller shutter door/ mechanism resulting from an unsecured load will be charged to the customer in full. 

Theft of the vehicle if left unattended with the keys in the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen whilst the keys are in the vehicle you will be wholly responsible for the full cost of replacement/recovery of the vehicle. 


PETS - Whilst we do not object to pets being carried in our vehicles, please be considerate and cover seats etc. to prevent damage to the interior. Excessive pet hair, mud etc. that requires extra valeting will incur an additional charge to cover these costs.


EXTENSION OF HIRE PERIOD / LATE RETURNS - Any extension to the agreed hire period MUST be agreed with LEC Hire as soon as possible, and payment received in advance. Vehicles returned late will be charged the full daily rate for any part day the vehicle is kept without prior permission. In the event of an agreed extension of hire the hirer is responsible for general maintenance checks including oil, water, tyres etc. Any consumables required during this extension of hire must be agreed with LEC 

Hire to enable a refund to be authorised or the vehicle should be returned to LEC Hire for the work to be carried out. Vehicles can be returned at any time within the agreed hire period using the gate key and key box located at the office door. Early pick-up/late return can usually be arranged in advance for a small additional fee.


USEFUL REMINDERS - May we remind customers that it is illegal to use your mobile phone whilst driving any vehicle and that 

it is good policy to take regular breaks from driving during a long journey.


Transit Van Drivers please note - speed limits when driving this type of van are lower on some roads than for ordinary cars ie: 50 mile/hour on a rural single carriageway and 60 mile/hour on a dual carriageway. If you are carrying any hazardous waste/goods, gas bottles etc. it is your responsibility to show the appropriate label on the vehicle.


Any items left in vehicles and not claimed within one month will be disposed of. 

Any speeding/traffic violations/parking tickets etc. issued whilst a vehicle is on hire are the sole responsibility of the hirer. Lec Hire Ltd will not be liable for any fines issued and driver information will be passed to the relevant authority if requested. 


We operate a NO SMOKING POLICY in ALL our vehicles at all times - Additional charges WILL be made for valeting any vehicle that is returned smelling of smoke or 

has evidence of smoking inside. 



THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LEC HIRE FOR YOUR RENTAL. If you have any questions regarding your hire or the operation of the vehicle please ask before starting your journey. 




Fax: (01502) 588933 


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